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1122 East Pike Street, #1032
Seattle, WA  98122

WSLO exists to raise needed funds for other non-profit organizations through various events and to provide educational forums on a variety of health related and social issues that impact the LGBTQ/Kink communities.  WSLO is the producer of  the Washington State Mr. And Ms. Leather Contest/titles, Washington State Leather Pride Week, Leather Emerald Awards, and several annual events and fundraisers.  In compliance with its 501(c)(3) status, WSLO does not take a part in or stance on politically related activities and/or issues.




Washington State Bootblack 2022:


Washington State Ms. Leather 2022:


Washington State Mr. Leather 2022:




Upcoming Contest Dates:


Leather Pride Week - Date: March 18 - 27, 2022

Contest, Date: March 26, 2022

Leather Emerald Awards - Date: March 27, 2022


Board of Directors:

Toby Noon, President

Jason H., Vice-Presidents

Nyx, Secretary

Wilson P., Treasurer

Lamalani, Board Member

Beau Black, Board Member

Pup Slip, Board Member

Leda, Board Member

Dr. Danger, Board Member

Yolanda, Board Member


Judy Tallwing McCarthey, Board Member Emeritus

Carla Demming*, Board Member Emeritus

Scott Rodriguez*, Past President and Board Member Emeritus

*Those who have gone before

Special Thanks to "Malixe" for permission to use photo's from our contest on this website.  www.Malixe.com.

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